The Art of Flow: Hannah Stouffer


LA-based illustrator Hannah Stouffer joins ‘The Art of Flow’ series to talk about creativity and inspiration. Moreover, she opens up about her creative process, artistic attraction, and work-life balance.

Hannah Stouffer

About The Art of Flow

The unique Art of Flow course empowers artists to unleash their maximum creative potential. Learn to overcome writer’s block as well as how to continue the flow of creativity throughout the creative process.

The Art of Flow Part 1

This first installment steps outside the domain of music to explore the relationship between art and life. We join Hannah Stouffer, a Los Angeles based artist, illustrator, art director, and writer to discuss her inner creative voice. Hannah opens up about her creative process and shares how she accesses her artistic genius.

I admire the human error and working through things. Hannah Stouffer

The Art of Flow Part 2

In this second episode of The Art of Flow, Hannah Stouffer articulates how inspiration and attraction fuel one another to feed the creative process. Moreover, Hannah explains how attraction can inspire you whether it’s from colors, patterns, cultural reference, or anything else that ignites inspiration.

Once you see those attractions, you begin to see them everywhere. I think that’s the same for a lot of artists, visual artists, or musicians. You pick out the things from daily life that are kind of in the same vein that inspires you. Hannah Stouffer

The Art of Flow Part 3

In this third episode of The Art of Flow, Hannah Stouffer harnesses the power of intuition to find a balance between work and life. Moreover, she expresses how balance plays an integral part in her life.

In my work and in my life, I tend to just go off feeling. Hannah Stouffer


About Hannah Stouffer

Hannah Stouffer

Hannah Stouffer is an American art director and visual artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA.

With over 15 years experience in fine art and commercial illustration, design, writing, publishing, and curatorial production, Stouffer has proven to be a powerhouse in creative visual media. She is identified as both an art director and visual artist, having maintained a strong presence in both fields, commercially and with her own fine art. Having produced and published three contemporary art books, Stouffer is a true tastemaker of visual aesthetics. She is also currently a contributing writer for VICE’s Creators Project, while also maintaining her own inspiration source, Lust-After.


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