Plugin Spotlight: Serato Sample


Whether in the studio or on stage, Serato Sample will give you the sampling freedom to manipulate audio in new creative ways from your DAW. Check it out!

Serato Sample


Since Serato launched almost 20 years ago, the company has been an industry leader in developing audio software for DJs and musicians. Recognizing the blurred lines between producers and DJs, Serato has expanded their line of renowned products into the production realm with a high-quality production plugin called Serato Sample.

Powered by Serato’s original ‘Pitch ‘n Time’ plugin, this intuitive sampling tool allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift, and time stretch samples within your DAW.

Over the years we’ve seen huge growth in the crossover between DJing and producing so it feels like a natural next step for us to return to the world of production. And in turn it made sense to leverage our successful plugin, Pitch ‘n Time.
Serato CEO, Young Ly


Working with Serato Sample

Serato Sample works in leading production software such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, and Maschine. The plugin merges the powerful pitch-shifting and time-stretching algorithms from the company’s famous Pitch ‘n Time software with the playable hot cue architecture, key-detection, and BPM shifting found in Serato DJ to offer a full-featured sampling workhorse capable of manipulating audio in creative ways.

Get up and running with this incredibly versatile plugin by simply loading or dragging a sample and clicking the Autoset button to automatically detect up to 16 samples to work with using Cue points. This Autoset feature offers four modes that determine how the Cue points populate the pads below the Source Player display.

Serato Sample

Whether the source material is a full song, a loop, or a sample, you can trigger the set Cue Points in your DAW the same way you launch hot cues on most other pad based devices to create new arrangements. Once the Cue points are set, you can then manipulate the behavior of each slice with a host of onboard features and sound shaping controls.

The Takeaway

Serato Sample brings a refreshing and intuitive approach to working with sampled material. The digital DJ pioneers Serato, creators of the famous Scratch DJ software, have created a streamlined sampler plugin that perfectly merges performance and production workflow. With Sample, Serato has introduced a very simple but effective sampler instrument that offers all the essentials in a device that closely mimics Serato’s familiar DJ interface. The move could be appealing to DJs looking to get into production and seen as a way to further meld the lines between DJing and production.

You may be wondering – why would you need another sampler? There are more powerful samplers out there like Ableton’s Sampler, Simpler, and Impulse Instruments or Native Instruments Kontakt. You may even have Maschine or a hardware sampler like an MPC or SP404. So why another sampler?

The answer is the simplicity and speedy workflow. Where you may spend time chopping start and end points on a sample in another software device, Serato Sample gets right down to business with a colored waveform, an Autoset feature, and editable Cue points acting as trigger points for up to 16 assignable pads.

Serato Sample

From there, Serato Sample opens itself up as a flexible performance tool, bringing the sample chop workflow from DJ software into a DAW environment for production. The end result is a lot of fun – a quick and dirty sampling device that offers happy accidents, clever possibilities to manipulate sounds, and an experience more friendly towards DJs.

Key Features

Serato Sample’s feature set accommodates the needs of producers wanting a powerful, convenient sampling tool and also provides a familiar, intuitive workflow for DJs to delve into beat making.

Works in leading music production software
Including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, and Maschine.

Flawless key detection and shifting
Find the key and then shift it with the power of Pitch ‘n Time.

Find the best samples with Autoset
With one click, the Autoset algorithm finds 16 of the best samples to work with.

Familiar Cue Point workflow
Use Serato DJ’s popular Cue Point workflow to set and trigger pads.

Change samples beyond recognition
Manipulate each pad individually. Mess with key, bpm, and more.

Serato’s famous colored waveforms
Visually understand tracks without having to listen to them. Red for bass, blue for highs.

Jump around tracks with ease
Find what you’re after with waveform scrub and needle drop.


Serato Sample is available to download at Serato for $99 USD.

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