Plugin Spotlight: Toraverb 2


This plugin spotlight features Toraverb 2, a high-quality reverb unit developed by D16 Group that offers unique sound shaping and modulation possibilities.

Toraverb 2


For over a decade, the D16 Group has been producing some of the most highest quality virtual instruments and effects in the industry. One of their most widely used products by producers and sound engineers worldwide is Toraverb, a creative space modulating reverb effect.

Recently, this remarkably versatile and affordable reverb device went through a complete redesign. The all-new Toraverb 2 expands the palette of possibilities with a host of flexible tone shaping capabilities and feature enhancements.

This significant update also brings many new features, such as reverb tail modulation improvements, parametric EQ curves, built-in ducking, crosstalk controls, MIDI-learn, adjustable FX crossfade characteristics, a revamped tag-based browser, and much more.

Toraverb 2 Highlights

Toraverb 2

Toraverb 2 stands out from among the competition because it’s not your typical reverb plugin which only offers the basic spring, room, hall or plate sound types. Also, Toraverb 2 is not modeled after any other reverb unit. Instead, Toraverb is its own unique breed that allows you to sculpt practically ANY type of reverb and beyond. D16’s goal was to create a flexible reverb device that not only sounds amazing but can be tweaked in various ways. Below are few notable Toraverb 2 highlights.

High-Quality Diffusion

Toraverb’s fine tuned diffusing network provides various controls for dialing in the sound quality for early reflections. Based on modified all-pass filters, these advanced algorithms are designed to substantially reduce unwanted flutter echo effects that often sound unpleasant. In addition, this functionality allows you to adjust the character and behavior of the early reflections tail.

Independent Equalization Controls

Toraverb 2 also comes equipped with two independent, single band, fully parametric equalizers that allow you to control early and late reflections separately. In addition, version 2 adds three selectable EQ curve types that offer even more accuracy. Furthermore, this incredibly useful feature provides additional control over the character of the reverb, making it easier to create a more natural sound.

Modulated Tail

Toraverb’s additional modulation controls are notable features as well. The new modulation improvements are designed to affect the diffusing filters, which makes reverb tails even more smooth and musical. Moreover, this capability is responsible for distributing sound waves reflections in time. By changing the modulation, the sound of the reverb tail can be altered to give a more realistic effect. In addition, Toraverb 2 adds independent control for Early and Late reflections which makes it easier to dial in your reverb tails further.

Realistic Crosstalk

Using innovative spatial reflection algorithms, Toraverb 2 is able to deliver a better impression of physical space. This ability improves spatial reflections by allowing cross-talking of reflected stereo waves between stereo channels. This design concept emulates what happens in the real world when sounds only audible to one ear is reflected and then heard in both ears. Version 2 also added controls to adjust the spatial reflections between the left and right channel delay lines.

Early / Late Mixer

Toraverb has also been updated with stereo mixing controls for blending Early and Late reflections. Furthermore, the new Early and Late mixer sports balance controls for both reflection types that also operate in either Left/Right or Mid/Side regions.

Built-in Ducker

Another innovative addition to Toraverb 2 is the Ducker control which introduces sidechain compression. This essential functionality controls a built-in compressor which reduces the level of the wet signal proportionally to the level of the dry/unprocessed signal. Not only is this functionality a time-saver, but it also simplifies your effect chain by eliminating the need for another sidechain compressor.

Working with Toraverb 2

Toraverb 2

On the surface, Toraverb 2 sports D16’s signature look. The intuitive and easy to understand interface allows you to jump in and get amazing results right away without having to figure out complex controls and hidden options. If you’re familiar with other stellar D16 products like Devastator 2 and Decimort 2, then you will feel right at home with Toraverb’s design. The sound quality and modulation capabilities are impressive! Employ this creative tool to enhance your sounds in unique and unrealistic ways or use it for more conventional treatments. The full-featured design provides all the essential controls to give your sounds more character and ambient vibe. Toraverb 2 also excels at creating various transition effects, immerse atmospheres, fattening sounds, and designing experimental ambiance. If you’re looking for a digital reverb unlike traditional reverbs, then Toraverb 2 is worth checking out!

Toraverb 2 Sound Demos

Key Features

  • High-quality diffusion network
  • Pre-delay with optional tempo sync NEW
  • Reverb tail modulation (with independent control for Early and Late reflections) NEW
  • Controllable crosstalking spatial reflections NEW
  • Parametric EQ for Early and Late reflections (with three different curves each) NEW
  • Early and Late mixer (with stereo balance working in either L/R or M/S domains) NEW
  • Built-in ducker NEW
  • Adjustable FX crossfade characteristics NEW
  • Tag-based preset browser NEW
  • Two alternative GUI sizes NEW
  • MIDI-learn functionality throughout NEW
  • 64bit internal processing


Toraverb 2 is available to download at D16 Group and authorized dealers.

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