Plugin Spotlight: Klip


This plugin spotlight features Klip, a full-featured sequencing instrument and drum machine developed by Sample Magic for Native Instruments Kontakt.



Sample Magic has earned a strong reputation as being one of the world’s leading provider of professional sound samples, instrument presets, music production resources, and creative software.

The latest addition to their award-winning products introduces a virtual drum machine and step sequencer for Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Player called Klip.

Klip is a powerful sequencing instrument feature-packed with comprehensive functionality and modern sound shaping abilities.

Klip is a clever performance tool for real-time loop editing, rhythm mangling, and beat sculpting. Furthermore, Klip keeps things in tempo, in key, and beat-synced to your DAW. There is also a 32-step sequencer, 16 drum pads, an eight-channel mixer, an intuitive parameter editing matrix, and a host of insert effects to process your sounds further. Moreover, Klip comes bundled with a vast variety of presets and an expansive sound library with over 4000 high-quality Sample Magic samples pooled from various genres.

User Interface Highlights

Klip’s modern looking user interface packs all the beat making essentials. Sample Magic did a good job in the layout as well to ensure all controls are exposed and ready.


Sample Waveform Display and Sample Browser

The top section of Klip’s interface features a global volume control and a large graphical display that shows the currently selected waveform. The display is also accompanied with a sample/loop selection menu with three playback modes. To the right of the Sample Waveform Display is the Sample Browser which offers a massive selection of sounds used to populate the sixteen pads. Sounds are broken down by Genre, Sample Type, and Sample.

The top portion of the interface also features a row of transport controls for playback, recording, host syncing, and MIDI exporting. There is also a Pattern Toolbar to adjust Rate and Shuffle settings as well as a set of menus to select various insert effect routings. Furthermore, the Sample Settings Toolbar below the graphical display hosts several global parameters to sculpt and tune samples.


Pad Bank

The center section of the interface displays Klip’s core functionality. The left side offers seven macro buttons for enabling or disabling various operations for each pad. This section also sports a set of 16 pads for real-time jamming. Each pad also has three LED switches for toggling Mute, Solo, and indicating the currently selected pad. In addition, each pad can be assigned to any of the eight color-coded mixer channel groups by clicking the colored strip and choosing an output destination.


Function Selection Menu

The right side features five menu buttons used to display Klip’s main modes. The Function Selection Menu is where you access the sequencer, effects matrix, insert effects, mixer controls, master channel effects, and send effects.

The Sequencer

At the heart of Klip is its Parameter Editing Matrix. This unique system enables you to control up to 16 parameters per pad across a 32 step grid. Moreover, the matrix allows you to create elaborate modulation combos by adjusting a range of parameter values available in both Sequence Mode and FX Mode. You can also draw your own values or randomize them to create rhythms on the fly by holding ‘Alt’ and clicking a lane. Values can also be recorded in real time with a keyboard, controller or mouse.

When Sequence Mode (SEQ) is selected, the matrix shows note velocity data across all 16 pads. Each pad also has its own parameter lane arranged according to pad number. This view is useful for triggering samples and creating complex arrangements. In addition, there is a Presets menu that supplies 35 sequences from Sample Magic’s leading programmers.


FX Mode (FX) displays several effects parameter values for each pad. The individual preset lanes provide 16 parameters for controlling Velocity, Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Filter Env, Filter Hold, Sample Slice, Coarse, Fine Tuning, Pan, Sample Hold, Bit Crush, Redux, Transpose, Saturation, Delay, and Reverb. This mode also includes 35 presets for quick editing.


Mixer and Effects

Mixer Mode (MIX) displays an eight-channel mixer and a set of insert effects. The mixer provides volume sliders for each color-coded channel. There are also switches for panning, muting, and soloing channels. In addition, there are menu options for selecting category labels, channel colors, and output routing.


The Mixer Mode is also accompanied with four insert effects modules which includes a dual Send FX for Delay and Reverb. Also, there are a set of effects for each pad that always remain visible in the lower half of the interface. These effects include output and panning controls, a filter section with a bank of 20 different filter types, a powerful distortion section, and dual FX Sends.


Master Mode (MST) displays the master channel, three global insert effects, and a limiter. The three insert effects modules include EQ, Compression, and Shaper.


The Sends Mode (SND) displays settings for the Delay and Reverb send effects modules. There are also two delay modules and two reverb modules. Furthermore, the reverb modules come with an impressive selection of reverb models that emulate several legendary reverb units. In addition, Klip comes with a selection of exclusive convolution reverb settings recorded at some of the world’s finest acoustic spaces.


Key Features

  • A powerful sound library with over 4000 high-quality Sample Magic samples, pooled from a vast range of titles across Electronica, Techno, and House
  • Vast variety of presets from leading Sample Magic sound designers
  • Unique ‘FX’ matrix allowing independent manipulation of up to 16 parameters per pad, across 32 steps
  • 20 Filter types across High Pass, Low Pass, and Band Pass
  • 70 Lane presets for quick, enhanced pattern writing and effect manipulation
  • Multiple FX types including Distortion, Saturation, Bit Crusher, Delay, and Convolution Reverb with flexible routing options
  • Powerful dynamics processing including Compression, Limiter, and Transient Shaper
  • Warm, characterful 3-band EQ per mixer channel
  • 8 Independent mixer channels, each of which can be custom assigned to its own output
  • Unique Convolution Reverb algorithms recorded at some of the world’s finest spaces
  • Up to 8 Sequences in each pattern, with easy copy and paste shortcuts.
  • Full Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol(TM) and Maschine(TM) integration with extensive MIDI CC implementation
  • Drag or export pattern lane to MIDI functionality
  • Transpose and time stretch all sounds and loops to the native key and tempo of your DAW
  • Playback swing to mimic classic, timeless dance music grooves and sequencers
  • Effortlessly record pad movements or input steps using MIDI devices
  • Randomise pads and preset lanes at the click of a mouse for unique, inimitable grooves
  • Variable grid synchronization from 1/1 to 1/32 of project tempo for up to 32 bar patterns
  • Built-in mixer limiter for easy, professional mixing
  • Extensive collection of vintage analog synthesizer waveforms and drum hits from a host of classic rhythm boxes and keyboards
  • Key adjust any sound or loop key from major to minor


Klip is available to download at Sample Magic as well as authorized dealers.

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The best sounding loop libraries we have ever encountered. Keyboard Magazine

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