Plugin Spotlight: Boost Pro


This plugin spotlight features Boost Pro by Sample Magic, a powerful all-in-one audio processing plugin with a host of advanced features.

Boost Pro

Boost Pro Overview

Sample Magic has earned a strong reputation as being one of the world’s leading provider of professional sound samples, instrument presets, music production resources, and creative software.

The latest addition to their award-winning products takes on audio processing with a full-featured mix finalizing plugin called Boost Pro.

Boost Pro is an all-in-one audio finalizing utility that extends the line of professional audio tools by Sample Magic. At its core, Boost Pro is a simple mix enhancing tool designed to get your music sounding as full and loud as possible with only a minimal amount of processing.

Boost Pro provides the essentials to significantly enhance your music using five independent effects, mid/side processing, comprehensive RMS metering, and much more. In addition, this versatile plugin can be used for a wide range of audio applications. Place Boost Pro on individual tracks, group channels, or on the mix bus to give your sounds or an entire mix that final polish.

Feature Overview

Boost Pro sports a modern looking interface that features Input/Output leveling meters, five macro controls for applying the effects, 100 multi-genre presets, and a host of under the hood controls.

Boost Pro

Additionally, Boost Pro condenses its complex functionality into five macro knobs. Employing low-latency DSP, Boost Pro offers saturation, 4-band EQ, multiband compression, stereo enhancement, brickwall limiting, and high pass filtering in one combined unit. Also, there is an Advanced tab that reveals several independent parameters to dial in or automate each process.

  • Dirt Knob: Adjusts the amount of saturation on the overall signal, adding warmth to anything you run through it.
  • Colour Knob: Adjusts the overall amount of 4-band EQ applied to the signal.
  • Compress Knob: Adjusts the amount of multiband compression on the audio signal.
  • Stereo Knob: Adjusts the amount of stereo enhancement on the signal. Moreover, this control will widen the elements of the sound which are panned between the two L/R channels while leaving mono signals unaffected.
  • Limiter Knob: Adjusts the amount of peak limiting applied to the overall signal. This effect also functions as a compressor.
  • Brick: The Brick button activates a safety brickwall limiter on the output. It can also be used to catch stray peaks or function as a third stage of compression.
  • Boost: The Boost button provides an alternate routing matrix that places the EQ ahead of the limiter. When in ‘Boost’ mode, louder perceived volumes are possible by boosting EQ frequencies after the limiter.

Working with Boost

Boost Pro reduces the need for CPU-intensive effect chains due to its built-in arsenal of processors. It provides all the essential mixing tools in one simplified plugin. This efficient plugin excels at enhancing harmonics, controlling dynamics, injecting musical coloration, creating width, achieving clarity, and boosting loudness to commercial levels. Boost Pro is also ideal for adding power, punch, and energy to drums and basslines, elevating vocals, sculpting individual sounds, and improving full mixes. Boost can also be used to spring life into dull, muddy or weak sounds, fix live performances, DJ mixes or bad recordings, and even making voiceovers commercially ready.

Key Features

  • Simple, powerful, audio processing with a host of advanced features and concise macro knobs for easy use.
  • Five independent effects with full parameter control – Dirt, Colour (4-Band EQ), Multiband Compression, Stereo Enhancer, Limiter.
  • Full Mid/Side Processing functionality.
  • Individual dry/wet ‘parallel’ processing controls for each module.
  • 100 Preset Modes spanning various styles of mastering, instrument channels, genres, and workflows.
  • Comprehensive RMS metering on compression and limiter controls.
  • Text editable fields on each control.
  • Sweepable high pass filter to remove inaudible and troublesome low-end frequencies.
  • Dedicated low-latency mode for tracking.
  • Easily bypass individual effect sections for quick comparison between dry and processed audio.
  • Detailed VU metering and Input/Output level with easy to use volume compensation.
  • ‘Boost’ mode to re-order components for additional loudness.
  • ‘Brick’ switch to ensure brickwall limiting/zero digital clipping.


Boost Pro is available to download at Sample Magic as well as authorized dealers.

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About Sample Magic

Sample Magic is the world’s leading provider of musical components and sound samples to producers across a wide range of genres.

For over ten years they have specialized in the finest cutting-edge pro-audio loops and samples, plugins, apps, and courses. They have built a reputation for unique, award-winning products.

The best sounding loop libraries we have ever encountered. Keyboard Magazine

Every loop or sample released is masterfully crafted by the best producers in the industry and are guaranteed 100% copyright cleared. Sample Magic is also award-winning publishers and developers of various music production apps. In addition, the company runs a series of courses on dance music production and the wider music industry.


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