Icon Online: Mixing Pack 1

Credits: 6 Credit Hours
Course Length: 3 Months
Tuition Total: $2 775.00
(Tuition: $2700.00 + Application Fee: $75.00)

Studio Techniques I

An exploration of the principles of digital recording and the best practices of professional music production. Presentations and exercises include microphone selection and placement, signal processing, recording, mixing, and editing.

2 Credit Hours / 16 Clock Hours / Prerequisites: None

Ear Training I

Functional and philosophical ear training. Investigates basic ear training techniques to help students understand what they are hearing both technically and critically. Practical exercises unlock nuances in the ear-mind connection, empowering students to better understand what they hear and to apply this knowledge towards the development of better music.

2 Credit Hours / 18 Clock Hours / Prerequisites: None

Studio Mentor I

A weekly online mentoring session with a professional producer. Mentors provide guidance in the production of the student’s original music and monitor the student’s progress in other courses, providing assistance and tutoring where needed. The Studio Mentor courses provide a constant source of support to help ensure academic success.

2 Credit Hours / 16 Clock Hours / Prerequisites: None



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