Icon Blueprint Curriculum:
Full Program

It’s all about the process. We believe timeless creative works are manifested through the journey of developing your craft. By exciting your curiosity and developing your creative process, the Blueprint Curriculum allows you to unearth your unique voice and contribute to the global soundscape. At Icon, we are committed to guiding, inspiring and challenging you to maximize your creative potential.

This year-long quest is methodically arranged to cover all disciplines needed to navigate the modern music industry. Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, Harmony & Theory, Songwriting, and Music Business are precisely threaded into this thoughtfully-paced structure. If you are looking for the full Icon experience, our flagship Blueprint Program is for you.

Students who apply for the Icon Online Blueprint Program are eligible for a grant worth up to $3600. Click here for more details

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Credit Hours: 48
Course Length: 12 Months
Tuition Total: $18,075.00
(Tuition: $18000.00 + Application Fee: $75.00)
Prerequisites: None