Icon Music Tech News: February 2018

This music tech news roundup finds a selection of new products and announcements from Ableton, Behringer, Roland, Native Instruments, Output, Phase Project, Soundtheory, and Steam.

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The New Era of Turntablism

Phase enables you to play music from your DJ software without using turntable cartridges or timecode control vinyl. This innovative system uses a transmitter that captures the turntables’ rotation information. Using wireless technology, this information is then sent to a receiver connected to your audio interface. The receiver processes this information and sends it to your Digital Vinyl System (DVS) software such as Traktor and Serato.

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Behringer Unveils New Neutron Details


Behringer recently released another teaser video for their new Neutron analog semi-modular synthesizer. Also, Guitar Center temporarily revealed the official feature list. According to the leaked details, Neutron features dual VCO’s from the legendary 3340’s but amended with new circuitry. Additionally, there’s a new ‘Moffat’ filter named after design engineer Keith Moffat. There are a host of other features listed on Synthtopia‘s website. In addition, Behringer confirmed that Neutron will start shipping in April for $299.

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Output Unleashes Analog Brass & Winds

The team behind innovative virtual instruments such as REV, Exhale, and Signal extends their line with Analog Brass & Winds. This creative take on orchestra sounds brings a whole new way of incorporating airy classics. Get to know Output’s unconventional sound design flows through pipes and valves. Moreover, Analog Brass & Winds features advanced modulation routing, duel tape loopers, dual arpeggiators, Output’s signature macro sliders, and much more.

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Digital DJing Meets Virtual Reality

Vinyl Reality is the first DJ mixing application that recreates a traditional DJ setup in virtual reality. Moreover, Vinyl Reality gives you all the tools you need to play a DJ set in the digital realm. Vinyl Reality features two modeled turntables, a two-channel mixer, virtual headphones, and a record case. Also, you can record and export your mixes or stream your performances live. You can even select different camera perspectives to display while recording or streaming your set.

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Native Instruments Announce NKS Effects Integration

Native Instruments

Native Instruments recently announced the availability of the first NKS-ready effects at the 2018 NAMM Show. As of Q2 2018, Waves, Softube, Eventide, and Sugar Bytes will adopt the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) format. There are also many other manufacturers planned for 2018. These platform partners have also configured their effects plugins to work with Komplete Kontrol keyboards, Maschine, and the Komplete Kontrol software. This means, plugins with NKS support will enable you to browse, load, and control the effects directly from the hardware. You can also create effects chains within the Komplete Kontrol software.

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TR-808 and TR-909 Plugins Coming to Roland Cloud

Roland Cloud

Roland Virtual Sonics announces software versions of Roland’s TR-808 and TR-909 Rhythm Composers as an exclusive offering through Roland Cloud. For the first time in history, Roland has created full plugin reproductions of the original TR-808 and TR-909. All three instruments will also come as regular updates to the Roland Cloud service starting in February.

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Intelligent Mixing with Soundtheory Gullfoss

Soundtheory Gullfoss

Gullfoss is the latest ‘intelligent’ plugin to hit the market. This innovative equalizer uses Soundtheory’s unique computational auditory perception technology to identify and resolve frequency problems automatically. Gullfoss is even capable of fixing clarity and balancing issues between different sound elements without needing to access the individual tracks. Moreover, the equalizer is capable of changing its frequency response more than 100 times per second. That means it is continuously adapting to any changes you make throughout the mix.

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Ableton Link V3 Update Adds Start/Stop Functionality

Ableton’s latest Link 3.0 update adds essential Start/Stop control. Moreover, Ableton Link 3.0 is backward compatible with earlier versions and is already available in Audiobus 3.

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