Icon Music Tech News: December 2017


This music tech news roundup finds a selection of new products and announcements from Sample Magic, Native Instruments, FabFilter, Sugar Bytes, and more.

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Sample Magic Releases Boost Pro

Boost Pro brings many additional features to Sample Magic’s original Boost plugin. Utilising cutting-edge low-latency DSP, Boost Pro comes equipped with six independent effects all in one easy-to-use plugin. Also, each effect module has a mid/side processing option, RMS metering, dedicated low-latency mode, CPU-optimised performance, and text-editable fields. From simple mixdown enhancement to full mastering processing, this versatile finalizing utility will take your music over the finish line.

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Free Phaser Effect From Native Instruments

Native Instruments

PHASIS is a brand new phaser plugin from Native Instruments. It draws inspiration from classic phaser units while adding a modern twist with a few innovative features. For example, the Spread control changes the spacing of the phaser notches, resulting in a thicker sound, similar to a doubler effect. Additionally, the Ultra mode triggers ultra-high modulation rates, producing unique FM-style tones. There is also more standard phaser controls, additional modulation capabilities, and more.

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Behringer Teases Full Line of Instrument Clones


Behringer’s announcement earlier this year to clone the Minimoog Model D received a mixed reception from Moog fans who took issue with the company’s attempt to make a budget-friendly version of the much-loved classic.

In the face of such criticism, Synthtopia reports Behringer teased the idea of developing inexpensive clones of five classic drum machine and six synthesizers. The drum machines include clones of the Roland TR-808, TR-909, and the LinnDrum. The classic synths slated to be released include the Roland SH-101, ARP 2600, Oberheim OB-X, Oberheim OB-X, EDP WASP, and EMS Synthi VCS3. However, this news is not official so we caution making any claims.

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FabFilter Releases Pro-L 2

FabFilter rolled out Pro-L 2, a significant update to their renowned Pro-L limiter plugin. Pro-L 2 improves on its predecessor in every way while staying true to the original vision of unparalleled simplicity and effectiveness. Moreover, this dynamic leveler features four brand-new limiting algorithms, a new true peak limiting mode, extensive standards-compliant loudness metering, surround support, and many other new features.

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Sugar Bytes Introduces Aparillo

Aparillo is an advanced 16-voice FM synthesizer, capable of producing complex and cinematic timbres. Dubbed as a “textural synthesizer instrument,” Aparillo brings a unique twist to sound design. Furthermore, it offers a clever arrangement of synthesis, wave-shaping, filtering, FX, modulation, and so much more. Nicknamed the “cinematic machine” this sonic sculpting instrument is also an excellent addition for movie and video game sound design.

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Gravity Unveils DJ Stand For Laptops & Controllers

The Gravity LTS 01 B is a cleverly designed laptop and controller stand for DJs and music producers. The stand features a lightweight aluminum construction, built to easily withstand the abuse of heavy keystrokes and button-bashers. In addition, the LTS 01 B can be placed on a flat surface or attached to a table edge with the supplied clamp. Also included is two tilt-adjustable support surfaces for laptops, controllers, audio interfaces, and other additional gear. Moreover, the LTS 01 B folds flat for easy transport and storage.

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u-he Releases Repo

u-he Repro

Repro is an authentic vintage sounding synthesizer that combines the analog inspiration of Repo-1 and the all-new Repo-5. It offers two full-featured synths in one plugin. Repro-1 is a fierce monosynth capable of generating a wide range of sounds. Whereas, Repro-5 is the new polyphonic addition that has a lot in common with Repro-1. It sports a similar classic design coupled with a deep feature set. However, Repro-5 introduces new sonic flavors and the ability to play lush chords or thick unison leads, while keeping the authentic analog sound.

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Customize Your Own DJ Interface

Soda is a new iOS app that lets you easily design your own user interface for DJing. The concept allows you to focus only on the features that are important to you. You can have up to eight-track decks complete with zoomable waveforms, transport and mixer controls, and up to 16 cue points. There is also five onboard effects and a set of Send FX chains for adding effects to multiple tracks simultaneously. Moreover, the software is Midi-mappable to any Midi controller connected to your iOS device.

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RME Presents the ADI-2 DAC

RME has launched the ADI-2 DAC, a 2-channel DA Converter for audio studio professionals and HiFi enthusiasts. The fully loaded ADI-2 DAC features an “extreme power” headphone amplifier, super low noise IEM output, DSD playback, USB operation, and much more.

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Akai Announces iMPC Pro 2

Retronyms, pioneers of pro music production, performance, and expression on multitouch platforms, announced the official release of iMPC Pro 2. Bringing modern MPC workflow to mobile production, iMPC Pro 2’s new design includes enhanced drum tracks, new sound library, vocal tracks, Audio Unit support, and more.

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