Icon Music Tech News: August 2017


This roundup of music tech news finds a batch of new products, advice from top DJ’s, a selection of sound design tutorials, and latest industry announcements.

Music Tech News


Deadmau5 Teases Hardware Serum Synthesizer


Deadmau5 teases hardware version of Xfer Records Serum synthesizer, tweeting “yeah yeah… you guys keep your skins :P.”

Behringer Teases MS-101

Behringer MS-101

Shortly after Roland announced their new SH-101 Boutique reissue on #808Day, Behringer posted a mysterious image of an MS-101 on Facebook with the caption “What on earth is this?” Could this be Behringer’s take at cloning of the classic Roland SH-101?

Sinevibes Introduces Flow II

Flow II is a new effect plugin for creating rhythmic flanger and phaser effects. Unlike a traditional flanger or phaser, Flow II has a tempo-synchronized sequencer that lets you set different effect frequencies, envelope shapes, and modulation depths per each of its 32 steps. While it can also do classic sweeps and burbles, it goes much beyond, allowing stepped patterns, complex riffs, elaborate pulsations, and random glitches.

DJs Talk Gear with Attack Magazine

DJ Mixer

Attack Magazine’s Kristan Caryl talks to four top DJs about their favorite technology, from vinyl to CDJs. The selection of DJs open up about their different set ups and discuss what equipment they use and why as well as offer insight into their careers.

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Bob Moog Lecture | Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull Music Academy shared this video featuring the late Bob Moog discussing a range of topics, including his personal history, developing the first Moog synthesizer, and synthesizer technology.

Hip Up Your Pads | Into The Lair #159

Dave Pensado shares his take on Tony Maserati’s GTi plugin to ‘hip up your pads.’

Build Your Dream Stompbox with MOD Duo

MOD Devices have collaborated with Cycling ’74 to introduce the MOD Duo, a flexible multi-purpose effects pedal. It puts hundreds of music pedals into just one powerful little box. With the MOD Duo, musicians can install various effects and other audio apps from independent developers. Download them all, for free, directly from the MOD’s interface.

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Roland TR-808 vs. TR-08

King of the TR-808, analog loyalist, and 80s synth pioneer The Egyptian Lover gives us a first look at the brand new Roland Boutique TR-08 Drum Machine, an ultra-compact recreation of the famed Roland TR-808.

TR-808 Tips from MusicRadar

Roland TR-808

To celebrate #808Day, Music Radar has rounded up a collection of 14 Roland TR-808 tutorials that offer essential tips for one of the world’s most iconic drum machines.

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Behringer Model D Review

From fat pulsing basses to searing leads to celestial pads, the Behringer D puts a world of musical expression at your fingertips. Sweetwater’s Daniel Fisher demonstrates the three punchy oscillators, classic 24dB/octave voltage-controlled filter with resonance, envelopes, LFO, portamento, and more. The Behringer D is a Eurorack-sized reincarnation of the legendary analog monosynth that started it all.


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