ICON Music Videos Roundup: April 2019

We are proud to see ICON Alumni making moves in the music industry! Check out these music videos from PLS&TY, Wenzday, 3TEETH, and Mike’s Dead.

The Impact of Music Videos

Music videos have long been a staple in the music industry. Video marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote an artist or brand. They provide a compelling visual message that connects an artist and a listener.

An artist’s image goes beyond the music they create. Music videos are just as important as the music or artwork. They play out the story a song is telling. Moreover, the visual experience provides artists with another medium to project their creative vision.

1. PLS&TY | Motives (ft. Ganz, Nevve)

PLS&TY teams up with GANZ and Nevve to bring the official video of their chart-topping track “Motives.”

Follow a young couple on a wild, adrenaline-inducing journey. From riches to handcuffs, this intimate and rebellious duo act out their fates as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.

2. Wenzday | Heartbreak House (ft. Kevin Flum)

“Heartbreak House ft. Kevin Flum” is the leading track from Wenzday’s Heartbreak House EP. The official music video features Wenzday and friends liven’ it up in a provocative house of heartbreak.

3. 3TEETH | American Landfill

Industrial act 3TEETH unveils the official music video of “American Landfill” from their Metawar album.

We wanted to make a homage to the ‘90s action movies we grew up on. But we also wanted to make an allegory that touched on today’s concepts of surveillance, cyberspace, and exploring the relationship between reality and simulation. To me, the landfill represents a giant sentient data dump who’s algorithmic understanding is just trapping you in the echo chamber of your very own inescapable memetic conception camp. It doesn’t matter if it’s cyberspace or reality, no one escapes the ‘AMERICAN LANDFILL.’ Alexis Mincolla

4. Mike’s Dead | We’ve Lost Touch

“We’ve Lost Touch” is the lead track from the Prescription Pain EP by Mike’s Dead. The official music video brings fierce beats and dark emotions. The song follows a broken relationship and the despair of losing touch.

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