ICON Music Video Roundup: August 2019

We are proud to see ICON Alumni making moves in the music industry! Check out these music videos from Kayzo, Harry Nathan, TELYKast, and NACHi.

ICON Collective Alumni Music Videos

The Importance of Music Videos

Music videos have long been a staple in the music industry. Video marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote an artist or brand. They provide a compelling visual message that connects an artist and a listener.

An artist’s image goes beyond the music they create. Music videos are as important as the music or artwork. They play out the story a song is telling. Moreover, the visual experience provides artists with another medium to project their creative vision.

1. Kayzo | Up in Flames (feat. Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low)

‘Up in Flames’ is the latest single showcasing Kayzo’s evolving sound that blurs the line of rock and EDM. This new venture features pop-punk vocals from Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low.

Kayzo performed the track with Gaskarth during his closing set at Coachella on April 12, 2019. The performance also brought out special guests Tommy Lee, Yungblud, Grandson, and Frank Zummo from Sum 41.

The song itself and the production behind it I think has become my best example of the blurred line of rock and electronic music I am continuously working to create. ‘Up in Flames’ is important because it embodies the high and low of love and friendship. We all have good times with those we love, and the memories we keep can make letting go hard, whether it’s a friend or a loved one. But at the end of the day, all good things must come to an end. It’s about the journey and what is made between the start and finish line. Kayzo, Alternative Press Interview

2. Harry Nathan | Fool for Your Love

‘Fool for Your Love’ is a melodic dream-pop style track that brings a soothing blend of vocals and harmony. The minimalistic track pairs perfectly with an animated fantasy universe directed by Odeya Rush.

Harry Nathan and Odeya Rush take you on a journey into the imagination of a young boy named Scooter. The imaginary outer space trek ventures through a textured universe of vortexes, aliens, and omelets. Scooter escapes into this fantasy to get away from the expectations of his dad. But after seeking interstellar affection, he realizes there is a special bond between family, and the love he was looking for was in front of him all along.

3. TELYKast | Better (feat. Aly Ryan)

Los Angeles trio TELYKast continue their surge across the electronic music realm with ‘Better.’ The track brings a beautiful blend of electronic instrumentation, pop melodies, and emotional vocals from Aly Ryan.

We are so excited to share the ‘Better’ music video. The video captures several different but relatable feelings and perspectives where someone should know better. It depicts the daily life of a drug addict working at a supermarket, the hardships of a failing relationship, and a young boy struggling to fit in. The video really brings the song to life, and we are so happy with the way it turned out. It also invoked a lot of emotions for us while watching it for the first time and even after many repeated watches. Kody Kurth (Odesza, DJ Snake) and the Profectum team behind the video absolutely crushed it. We hope everybody loves it as much as we do! TELYKast

4. NACHi | I’ll Be Fine

‘I’ll Be Fine’ is the latest music video from LA-based artist NACHi and rising hitmaker Ronny J. This bass injected vocal track brings a euphoric vibe that infuses NACHi’s unique persona with Ronny J’s beat-making talents.

The Detroit native grew up making beats and playing in rock bands. NACHi’s signature sound has since evolved into a fusion of rock and hip hop. After graduating from ICON Collective, his compelling vocals, beat skills, and visual content has captivated fans and secured collaborations with a new generation of artists.

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