Icon Collective: 2017 Graduation Highlights


2017 brought some outstanding talent to Icon. The Collective is proud of all the graduates making moves and following their passion for music. Check out some of the memorable moments at this years graduation ceremony.


Congratulations Graduates!

We are excited to celebrate the incredible achievements of the 2017 graduating students and look forward to the continued evolution of their art. We are inspired by your devotion and wish you all the best in your musical endeavors.

This years commencement ceremony at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood welcomed over 200 graduates and their families, a funny and inspiring keynote speech by Kennedy Jones, four graduate awards including Student of the Year and Icon Ambassador, music created solely by Collective members, and hella good vibes! Check out some of the ceremonies memorable moments captured by Taylor Wong Photography.


Award Nominees and Winners

Most Improved

1. Kloxxi Li – WINNER
2. Meghan Wilke
3. Yasmeen Todd

Student of the Year

1. David Moody – WINNER
2. Zien Garcia
3. Jason Tsui
4. James Geary

Icon Online Student of the Year

1. Wyatt Christensen – WINNER
2. Mark Afable
3. Mark Claes
4. Eric Thornburg

Icon Ambassador

1. Kyle Hendrix – WINNER
2. Mark Valenzuela
3. Brendan Carney
4. Bret Holmes

Ceremony Speakers

Icon’s graduation ceremonies bring together Graduates, supporters, instructors, and peers from the Icon Collective family who have worked together to build a stronger music community.

On behalf of Icon Collective, we would like to extend a warm thank you to guest speakers Kennedy Jones, Scotty Dro of Two Owls, Chase Brawner of 3TEETH, Icon Instructor Malachi Mott, and 2016 Icon Ambassador Patrick O’Kane! We sincerely appreciate your volunteered time and support in making this celebration a success.

About Icon Collective

Icon Collective was established in 2005 with the singular goal of empowering artists toward a deeper understanding of their personal creative path. While most music production programs focus purely on the technical aspects of the contemporary tools, Icon takes a balanced approach that equally nurtures the creative process and the technical skills necessary to manifest artistic expression to its full resonance. Who are you? What do you have to say? What makes your voice unique? These are a few of the fundamental questions that each artist contemplates and resolves through this holistic education system.

Icon’s Blueprint Curriculum was sculpted by a communal mastermind of seasoned musicians and implemented as an evolving manifesto. Members of the Collective continuously contribute ideas, lessons, and inspiration into a creative melting pot that adapts and flows with the ever-changing music industry. This meticulously designed curriculum guides each student through their educational journey without extinguishing their individual ideas.

Icon Collective cultivates a unique learning environment where experimentation is encouraged, and alumni, instructors, and students exchange ideas and collaborate. This one of a kind experience challenges artists to create truly iconic work and inspires those in their wake to do the same.


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