Freeware Friday Roundup


This roundup of freeware plugins features the TX16Wx software sampler, KickMaker drum synth, OTT multiband compressor, SGA1566 tube saturator, and the s(M)exoscope waveform oscilloscope.





The TX16Wx Software Sampler is a simple, yet powerful sampling instrument inspired by Yamaha’s TX16W hardware sampler and various other classic hardware samplers from the 80s and 90s.

The TX16Wx aims to bring back the joy of working with classic hardware instruments while also offering modern software features. This multitimbral instrument enables you to build your own sounds, record samples, and mangle them with near endless sound shaping possibilities.


Teragon Audio | KickMaker


KickMaker is a freeware synthesizer designed specifically for creating kick drum and bass sounds. This handy tool features four independent oscillators with independent ADSR envelopes, a white-noise generator, a wide range of effects, and more. Instantly create perfectly customized beats quick and easy without wasting time browsing through hundreds of kick samples in your library. Furthermore, you can use this plugin to layer low frequency power to various samples.


Xfer Records | OTT

Xfer Records OTT

Xfer Records OTT is a re-creation of a popular aggressive multiband upwards/downwards compressor setup used by several bass music producers. Many say it models the ‘OTT’ preset on Ableton Live’s Multiband Compressor, hence the name. The OTT features a Depth control to scale the amount of compression applied and a Time control to scale both the attack and release times of all bands. This sweet little dynamic tool is very useful for enhancing sounds or finalizing an entire mix without the need for much tweaking. Slap it on a bass or piano sound and simply adjust the Depth control to hear the magic!


Shattered Glass Audio | SGA1566


The SGA1566 emulates a single channel vintage tube preamplifier. Its simulated circuit design works great for treating your sounds or mix with authentic analog vibe. Use the SGA1566 to add warmth, subtle saturation compression, or to inject “dirt” with tube overdrive.

This excellent sound enhancing tool features two 12AX7 tube amplification stages and a two-band Baxandall equalizer. The plugin also features two different CPU modes, offering improved stability and compatibility with older and less powerful machines. Also, the upgraded low CPU mode is now less CPU intensive. However, this improvement comes at the cost of a slightly less accurate simulation of the tube circuit.


Armando Montanez | s(M)exoscope


s(M)exoscope is an extremely handy oscilloscope plugin you can use to visually monitor audio waveforms. Regarded as the best freeware oscilloscope plugin on the market, s(M)exoscope is a perfect companion when synthesizing kick drums or sculpting various sounds. The real-time visual feedback helps you dial in your sounds with more precision. In addition, it’s helpful for detecting rogue transient spikes that could cause clipping and other issues.

s(M)exoscope also features a tool that analyzes the current waveform based on where you place a marker. The tool analyzes the x and y dimensions of the waveform and calculates various readings.


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