Icon Online Frequently Asked Questions

How much prior experience do I need to take a course?

We have a wide range of experience levels attending Icon, and the level of prior experience you need to join us depends on what program and courses you choose.. Speak to one of our Admissions reps to see what option best suits your current skill level.
Can I check out some lessons from your courses before I enroll?

Yes! There is a free sample course to show you exactly what our actual courses are like, you can enroll here https://iconcollective.com/online

What are the differences between taking a course at Icon LA versus Icon Online?

Each of our programs has its own advantages.

At Icon LA, classes are held in person with the instructor and your classmates, the facilities are available outside of class, you can hang out with your peers, and you are in Los Angeles.

With Icon Online, you are free to study the class videos and other materials and do your classwork whenever and wherever you want, on your own schedule. You can also watch videos and review class materials wherever you are via the convenient mobile apps we use. You can stay in your own city (and country) and connect with classmates via online video meetings and our virtual community, the Hexicon. This all makes it possible for students with jobs or families to join the Collective from wherever they are and study with us at their convenience.

What equipment do I need to take Icon Online courses?

The basic equipment required for all of our courses is a computer to run the required software for the course. Most courses also require either Ableton Live or Apple Logic Pro. A MacBook Pro laptop is required for our full Blueprint Curriculum program, while a Windows laptop is also acceptable for Custom Program students. You will also need a relatively fast Internet connection for watching videos, attending online Office Hours and uploading your coursework, we recommend at LEAST 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

Some additional equipment is also needed for specific courses (for example, a MIDI controller keyboard for Keyboard Techniques, a microphone + audio interface for Studio Techniques).

Are there any grants or scholarships available for studying at Icon Online?

Yes! Our Icon Online Producer’s Grant helps emerging artists by providing financial assistance to join Icon’s online program.
We invite you to submit a video (no longer than 3 minutes in length) telling us about your artistic vision, and how an education at Icon Collective will help you bring that vision to life. Artists who are selected will receive a partial grant to Icon Online worth $3,600 (prorated quarterly over the 12-month program).

In order to apply, first please join our online sample course, the procedure to apply for the grant is explained near the beginning of the course and you can submit your application there. You can enroll in the sample course at this link: https://iconcollective.com/online

How do I take a course online?

New material will become available in your online courses each Sunday morning. You can log on and work on the new lessons anytime during that week. We advise new students that they will need to spend 3-5 hours per week for each class they are enrolled in, depending on their level of prior experience.

Is online learning for me?

Do you consider yourself a self-directed student?
Do you work well on independent projects?
Are you motivated to complete assignments and meet deadlines on your own?
Can you find one or two hours a day in your schedule to watch videos, work on class projects and communicate with your classmates and instructor?

If you answered “yes” to these, you’re ready to study online with Icon!

What genres of music do you teach?

We teach skills and techniques that apply to all styles of music: production and mixing, arranging, ear training, keyboard skills, MIDI programming, and so on.

How long are your courses and programs?

Our full Blueprint Music Production program can be completed in one year of full-time coursework. Our individual courses are one quarter (three months) each.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do. You can pay your tuition quarterly or monthly, or pay in full.

Will I be able to learn from different instructors while at Icon Online?

Yes! You will have one instructor for each course you take, and you’ll be able to attend each of their Online Office Hours each week. You’ll also meet online each week with your personal Studio Mentor (if you are enrolled in our Studio Mentor course).

In addition, you’ll be able to attend our regular in-house Q&As with guest artists and industry reps, these are streamed through our online course platform.