Apple Logic Pro

This is an in-depth exploration of the music production powerhouse Logic Pro. Acquire the knowledge to unleash the full power of this industry standard platform for recording, editing, and mixing.



What goes into assembling a track? How do you turn an 8 bar loop into a complete song? The Arrangement course teaches aspiring artists the mechanics of song structure.


Ableton Live

Ableton is a primary tool in electronic music. Mastery of this sophisticated package for music production, live performance, and real-time manipulation of arrangements is crucial for any music producer.


Keyboard Techniques

Modern day productions start with a keyboard controller. Theses classes help artists gain dexterity with the musical and technical aspects of keyboards, regardless of previous experience.


Studio Techniques

The studio is where songs become tangible pieces of art. This sequence of courses dives deep into signal flow, recording techniques, vocal sessions, layering concepts, mixing, and mastering.


Music Business

The business of music is complex. Discover how to formulate branding and marketing plans, gain the knowledge to navigate the business, and understand how to protect intellectual property.


The Art of Flow

The unique Art of Flow course empowers artists to unleash their maximum creative potential. Learn to overcome writer’s block and continue the flow of creativity throughout the creative process.



Songwriting is examined and demystified as both a process and a career path. Dissecting great songs and practicing real-world techniques help artists become better songwriters.



Synthesis is a cornerstone of electronic music production. Starting with fundamental synthesis techniques, explore the vast universe of software instruments and how to employ them for maximum sonic potential.


Ear Training

Critical listening is a core skill for music producers. Ear training helps artists develop the technical, critical, and aesthetic listening skills necessary when writing, recording, and mixing.


Studio Mentor

This weekly private studio session with a professional producer provides feedback on the artist’s original music, production work, and overall progress as a student at Icon Collective.


The Collaboration Project

Working together effectively is key to success in the music business. This course helps build collaborative skills by having artists produce a project as a creative team.