Instructor Spotlight: Chico Nadal

Get to know more about Icon Collective’s Studio Techniques Instructor and Mentor Chico Nadal in this Icon Instructor Spotlight.

Chico Nadal

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About Chico Nadal

Icon Instructor Chico Nadal teaches Studio Techniques and is one of the most sought-after mentors in the Collective. From the management of timelines and budgets to the creative execution of audio for world-renowned artists, Chico understands how to deliver top-tier products. His talents extend through many sectors including, music, art, film, fashion, print, interactive, and gaming.

While Nadal’s accomplishments as a business consultant, music producer, and audio engineer are numerous; his approach to each project is rooted in a successful business strategy. He also applies his skills and solid industry background to better even the most demanding circumstances. Moreover, Chico has completed projects for new media, commercials, music videos, film, television, magazines, web, and DVDs.

My personal mantra is “Empower People.” When it comes down to it, I am a people person. I base my professional reputation on connecting others and providing solutions. We all need people in some form or another, and I am happy to share those resources. Chico Nadal

Furthermore, Chico Nadal has worked with companies such as Universal, Sony, CBS, MGM, EMI, Downtown Records, Spirit Music Group, Virgin, Mach 1 Records, Scion, Stoli, Vitamin Water, VANS, Disney, Mattel, Google, Honda, Landrover, Kelloggs, Avex, and Cadillac. His creative ventures have also included projects for Beck, 50 Cent, Common, Beyonce, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, System of a Down, Jay Z, and Ice Cube.

Chico Nadal Interview

Chico Nadal is known for coming up with creative ways to remix hit records and repurpose songs into something fresh and exciting. From production to mixing, Chico also brings quality and depth to every project. Additionally, his talents and experience extending through many sectors arm Chico with the essential skills and knowledge to foster the next wave of artists at Icon. With this in mind, get to know more about Chico in this short interview.

What kinds of things do you enjoy teaching in the Studio Techniques program?

Mostly I enjoy the process all around. Studio Techniques brings all the components of making music together, and seeing that “light bulb” shine is the best!

What is one thing students take away from this program?

Students feel empowered and a part of something greater once they graduate. They understand that they can lean on the collective to figure out more than just music!

Based on your mentoring experience, what’s one misconception young artists have about the industry?

That technology will make everything better.

Can you share a moment when you broke overcame resistance in your creative process?

There are many moments that I personally overcame resistance. That experience came in many forms – good and bad. The ending result was usually the same – It’s not only about me.

What is the first thing you do after completing a track?

Walk outside and listen to the sounds of the world.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t take anyone’s words as “god.” Explore for yourself what each person is saying.

What’s one thing you must always have in your studio?

Good vibes and energy

Studio Techniques

The studio is where songs become tangible pieces of art. This comprehensive sequence of courses dives deep into signal flow, recording techniques, vocal sessions, layering concepts, mixing and mastering, and more.

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