2017 Year-End Roundup: Best Mixing Tips


This Icon year-end roundup looks back at some of our favorite and well-received audio mixing tips tutorials from this year.

Mixing Tips

Audio mixing is the process of blending multiple tracks, balancing levels, controlling dynamics and frequency content, positioning sounds in the stereo field, and applying various effects to create a final stereo mix. Moreover, the goal is to sculpt a balanced and unified arrangement that is ready for mastering.

Digital vs. Analog Modeled EQ’s

Analog Modeled

This guide aims to highlight the differences between digital and analog modeled EQ plugins while also offering some general mixing tips.

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Dynamic Eqing w/ Ableton Live Devices

Dynamic EQing

This guide discusses dynamic equalization and takes you through the process of using Live’s native devices to mix your kick and bass with dynamic EQing.

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5 Ways to Increase Perceived Loudness

Perceived Loudness

This guide outlines five methods musicians use to boost the perceived loudness of sounds and achieve a more balanced mix.

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5 Reverb Mixing Tips

Reverb Mixing Tips

Achieve a more professional sounding mix with these five reverb mixing tips. Learn how to use reverb to create space and add depth to your music.

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Mixing With Expanders


Gain a better understanding of upward and downward expansion and learn how to use expanders to enhance sounds in your mix.

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Kick Drum Mixing Tips


This guide offers a few suggestive mixing techniques to help you get starting at shaping your kick drums. Learn how to get more punchy and powerful kicks.

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