The Art of Creativity


Icon Collective Co-founder Christopher Wight talks about the art of creativity during his class “The Art of Flow” at the Icon Studios in Los Angeles.

The Art of Flow Program

This sneak peek into Icon’s Blueprint Curriculum offers a glimpse of our Art of Flow Program. The unique Art of Flow course empowers artists to unleash their maximum creative potential. Learn to overcome writer’s block and continue the flow of creativity throughout the creative process in this comprehensive program.

Icon’s Blueprint Curriculum was sculpted by a communal mastermind of seasoned musicians and implemented as an evolving manifesto. Members of the Collective continuously contribute ideas, lessons, and inspiration into a creative melting pot that adapts and flows with the ever-changing music industry. This meticulously designed curriculum guides each student through their educational journey without extinguishing their individual ideas.

Icon Los Angeles

Housed within the historic Enterprise Studios in Burbank, where legendary artists such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, and U2 have cemented a 35-year legacy, Icon’s Los Angeles program is a microcosm of the wider musical community. Here, the environment reinforces the Blueprint Curriculum as students have access to supplemental education opportunities, including weekly Instructor Office Hours and special guest Q&As. These open-format sessions provide support for projects outside the spectrum of classroom assignments and strengthen the relationship between students and teachers.

Built on the understanding that music is a form of communication, this harmonious learning environment surrounds students with mentors and peers who are equally dedicated to music. The campus is designed to encourage collaboration and provide full access to creative space. While the studios are buzzing, common areas in the building stimulate the creative process in different ways. The Producer’s Den, for example, offers a comfortable atmosphere for students and grads to share and critique projects, and the 5 ft. projection screen allows for inspiration from other mediums. The Live Room is lined with a bevy of instruments for students to play and record – or simply break away from laptop screens and jam. Graduates of Icon Los Angeles become lifetime members of the Collective, a status that includes building access, free studio space (based on availability), continuing education opportunities and the annual Alumni Conference.


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