Icon Arms Studios with Apogee Element Interfaces

We are excited to announce that Icon Collective just outfitted all our studios at the LA location with brand new Apogee Element audio interfaces.


We tested a few different interfaces in 2017, and this one checked all the boxes; top quality DACs, no-brainer controls, solid plug and play, and they’re built like tanks. Also, students, instructors, guest artists, and staff are constantly hot swapping laptops in studios throughout the day, so we are excited to find an interface that holds up to this kind of abuse with little to no hiccups.

Apogee Element Series Overview

Apogee’s Element Series is a new line of Thunderbolt audio interfaces for Mac. The Element Series takes on a new approach with these boxes by removing all physical controls. Instead, these streamlined interfaces are controlled entirely by an impressive software ecosystem.

The Element Series is also a solid choice for musicians looking for a quality interface that is portable, affordable, and build like a beast. These compact audio interfaces also come equipped with all the essentials powered by Apogee’s highly-regarded circuit design. Whether you’re on the stage or in the studio, these audio workhorses will deliver.

Control the Elements

Apogee Element

Apogee’s software ecosystem offers four flexible options to control the Element interfaces. Apogee Control for Mac gives you quick access to all Element hardware controls and settings. While the Apogee Control Mobile for iOS provides you with wireless control of settings from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. In addition, Apogee hardware control is integrated directly into Logic Pro X. You can adjust hardware input parameters directly from the Mixer view in Logic Pro X. Furthermore, Apogee offers a separate hardware remote to give you tactile control over your Element interface.

Analog to Digital Conversion

High-quality conversion is critical for capturing every detail of your recordings into your computer. The Element Series features quality A/D conversion that will allow you to hear your music with enhanced definition. Also, recording through an Element ensures you will minimize unwanted noise and maximize the signal quality.

Apogee Element

Microphone Preamps

Whether you are recording drums, dynamic vocals or anything else, you need a premium mic preamp to capture the finest details of the performance. The Element Series mic preamps feature Apogee’s Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture which provide maximum sonic amplification. Moreover, this analog circuit is designed to dynamically optimize across a gain range of 0-75dB to provide superior bandwidth and low distortion.

Digital to Analog Conversion

With a high-quality D/A converter, you will hear more definition in each track and virtual instrument. This clarity makes it easier for you to make precise adjustments and achieve the ideal balance when mixing your music. When you listen to your sessions through an Element, tracks will blend more harmoniously and mixing will be easier. Also, the high end will sound crisp and clear while the low end will be tight and well defined.

Apogee Element

Apogee Clocking

Apogee Element

An audio interface relies on a clock source like an orchestra relies on a conductor. A digital audio clock provides a timing signal to all the parts of a digital audio system so that each part of the AD/DA process may be synchronized. The Element comes equipped with a built-in clock source that provides Word Clock IN and OUT for syncing with other digital audio gear. For example, use Apogee’s integrated clocking technology as the master clock for all your gear.

Thunderbolt Connectivity

The Element Series Thunderbolt driver offers incredible low-latency performance and rock-solid stability. Apogee’s custom driver also uses less of your computer’s CPU power with the help of Direct Memory Access (DMA) technology. This allows you to run more plugins and monitor through your DAW at a low buffer setting. In addition, using Element’s low-latency driver also means you don’t have to choose between power and speed.

Apogee Element

Combine and Expand

Apogee Element

Furthermore, all Element Series interfaces are built to work together. Connect any two Elements directly to a Thunderbolt port on your computer to increase the number of Analog I/O’s in your recording system. In addition, you can plug any Element Series interface directly into an Ensemble Thunderbolt to expand your studio with Ensemble quality sound for the ultimate studio setup.


Apogee Element Series audio interfaces are available to purchase at Apogee Digital and authorized dealers.

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