Ableton Live: Supersaw with Wavetable


Icon Instructor Jerry “BigJerr” DiPhillippo takes you into Ableton Live 10 to create a future bass supersaw with the Wavetable synthesizer.

In this video, BigJerr demonstrates how to create modern supersaw chords heard in future bass music with Live’s Wavetable synthesizer. Learn how to navigate Wavetables interface, sculpt exciting sounds with wavetable synthesis, and transform them with various effects.

Wavetable is a new synthesizer available in Ableton Live 10 that combines two wavetable-based oscillators, two analog-modeled filters, and a powerful modulation system. This modern synth also offers a diverse palette of wavetables and a selection of advanced sound sculpting features. Moreover, Wavetable is capable of producing harmonically rich and sonically complex sounds with little effort.

Watch BigJerr dive into Wavetables vast sonic potential to manipulate sounds in creative ways. Learn how to work with oscillator wavetables, fatten sounds with unison and frequency modulation, apply oscillator effects, and modulate various parameters. BigJerr also takes you into Wavetables Modulation Matrix and shows you how to shape rich timbres with Envelopes, LFO’s, and analog modeled filters.

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About Jerry “BigJerr” DiPhillippo


Jerry “BigJerr” DiPhillippo is a musician, engineer, performer, and professional instructor currently residing in Los Angeles. Jerry started his musical journey at the age of seven with classical training on the piano. After several years, his interest diversified, and he became proficient on the guitar, bass, drums, and turntables.

In addition, Jerry releases original electronic music, remixes, and performs as BigJerr. He has quickly made a name for himself in the Bass Music Scene. BigJerr is also an Ableton Certified Trainer, Instructor at Icon Collective, finger drummer, and father to the wildly original and inventive brand concept – SCARlit.


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