Ableton Live: Multiband Effects Processing


Watch Icon Instructor Paul Laski enhance a basic pad sound with a custom multiband effects processing rack created in Ableton Live to create a more full and enriched sound.

In this video, Icon’s Paul Laski talks about multiband effects processing and demonstrates how to build a multiband chorus effect using Ableton Live’s Audio Effect Rack.

Paul takes you through the steps of splitting the signal into independent frequency bands and the various effects used to create a much fuller and exciting sound. Paul also explains how to Macro Map multiple parameters to create an adjustable frequency range control for added flexibility.

This multiband chorus effect rack adds width and subtle modulation to the top end of the sound while maintaining a mono low-end that remains punchy. This Audio Effect Rack also provides a solid foundation to build on. Expand its capabilities by loading additional effects and Macro Mapping various controls to create even more unique sound shaping possibilities.

Multiband Effects Processing in Ableton Live

Multiband effects processing is a highly effective technique used in sound design, mixing and mastering, and live performance. Ableton Live’s Instrument and Audio Effect Racks allow us to separate the input signal into different channels that operate in parallel.

Splitting the frequency spectrum into independent and adjustable bands allows you to process those isolated frequencies with various effects. This flexibility gives you more control over the sound. For example, use multiband effects processing to enhance a bass sound. Begin by splitting the signal into Low, Mid, and High bands using an EQ. On the Low band, mono the signal using ‘Utility’ to keep your sub frequencies tight and clean. For the Mid band, try adding some saturation to bring out the body of the bass. Finally, apply some stereo imaging and reverb to the High band to create some depth and width. Treating the sound this way creates a fuller bass sound that is more powerful and compelling.

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About Paul Laski


Paul Laski, aka P-LASK, is a producer, remixer, sound designer, Dj, and label owner of Electric Dangerous Music. With over a decade of experience in the electronic music scene, Having developed a style very much his own, P-LASK blends sounds from deep and tech house to garage and trance to minimal and beyond. His original productions and remixes have released on labels such as Electric Dangerous Music, Moody Recordings, GrooveBirds Records, Abe Duque Records, and many others.

Paul has performed at events both in New York City and Los Angeles. He has had DJ mixes featured on UK’s Off the Chart Radio, Pacifica Radio Network’s Trance on the Porch mix show,, and Sirius-XM Satellite Radio. National and international remix credits include artists such as Abe Duque, Divisible, Edian, Rainer Hoeglmeier, and Wei Wei.

An Ableton Live user since 2006, Paul has over five years of teaching experience. He taught private lessons and classes in Ableton Live from 2010 to 2012 at Dubspot, New York City. He currently teaches music production, sound design, and Djing courses with Ableton Live at Icon Collective in Los Angeles.


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