Ableton Live 10.1 Is Even Better for Making Music!

Ableton Live 10 was already impressive. The Live 10.1 update makes it even better! Check out the exciting new devices, features, and improvements coming in Live 10.1.

What’s New in Live 10.1?

Ableton Live 10.1 brings significant improvements, feature enhancements, device additions, and more.

The Live 10.1 update also expands the possibilities for making and shaping sound. It improves key features for editing and finalizing music. Moreover, the update will be free for all Live 10 owners. Check out what’s new!

New Devices

Live 10.1 adds two new Audio Effects: Channel EQ and Delay.

Ableton Live Channel EQ and Delay Devices

Channel EQ: A flexible EQ with curves and gain ranges suitable for a variety of audio material. The shape of the filters also adapt to the control settings to provide better musical results.

Delay: Combines Simple Delay and Ping Pong Delay. It also adds feature upgrades. In addition, the Jump, Fade-In, and Pitch controls are now accessible from the front panel.

Highly-Requested Features

Live 10.1 brings significant improvements fans have been asking for, and Ableton came through!

VST3 Support

THIS IS HUGE! Live 10.1 now supports VST3 plugins.

Track Freezing with Sidechains

FINALLY! You can now freeze tracks that have sidechain routing.

New Automation Features

You can now choose from a selection of automation shapes from the context menu!

You’ll also have the ability to stretch and skew automation shapes. Moreover, you can enter numerical values for precise adjustments.

Free-hand drawing in Draw Mode is much smoother. It creates fewer breakpoints and detects curved movements. In addition, you can reduce the number of breakpoints using the new “Simplify Envelope” command. Curve-like moves are also simplified into C- or S-shapes.

It’s also easier to access clip modulation in Session View. Toggle between showing automation and modulation in Session View clips. All modulation also has its own distinctive color.

User Wavetables

You can now import your wavetables or samples into the Wavetable instrument. Simply drag and drop a sample into the Osc 1 or Osc 2 display!

Export Return and Master Effects

You now have the option to export single tracks and groups with return and master effects applied.

Zoom and Scroll Improvements

Switch between detailed views and big-picture editing faster. Live 10.1 adds streamlined keyboard shortcuts, pinch zooming on compatible computers, a resizable Arrangement Overview window, and more.

New Keyboard Shortcuts


  • Pressing the ‘H’ key in Arrangement View will equally distribute your tracks across the available screen height
  • Pressing the ‘H’ key in the Detail View will vertically fit the region that has notes
  • There is a MIDI mappable height button next to the Arrangement Overview


  • Pressing the ‘W’ key in Arrangement View will fit the whole song into view
  • Pressing the ‘W’ key in the Detail View will horizontally fit the “audible range”
  • There is a MIDI mappable width button next to the Arrangement Overview


  • Pressing the ‘Z’ key in Arrangement View will zoom your selection and make it fit the available screen space
  • Pressing the ‘X’ key in Arrangement View will zoom out to the prior zoomed state.
  • Zooming in and out using the ‘Z’ and ‘X’ keys also work in the MIDI Editor

+/- Keys

  • Pressing Option (on Mac) or Alt (on Windows) and the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ keys in Arrangement View will change track height
  • Pressing Option (on Mac) or Alt (on Windows) and the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ keys in the Detail View will change the height of Automation lanes


  • Pressing the ‘F’ key while in Automation Mode temporarily show Clip fades


  • Pressing the ‘S’ key in Session and Arrangement View is now used to solo tracks


  • Pressing the ‘U’ key in the Arrangement View unfolds selected tracks
  • Pressing the Option/Alt + ‘U’ key in the Arrangement View will unfold all tracks of the same type

Cursor Keys

  • When moving through the Arrangement with the cursor keys, the view scrolls to keep the selected track visible

More on Live 10.1

To see all the changes coming in Ableton Live 10.1, read the beta release notes.

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