Top 10 Producer Productivity and Workflow Tips of 2018

This year-end roundup looks back at some of our favorite and most-popular articles about studio productivity and workflow tips for music producers.

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Productivity and Workflow Tips for Music Producers

Developing a solid production workflow is essential when it comes to creating music. Improving your productivity in the studio and your music production workflow will help you stay organized, finish songs faster, and advance your creative skills.

The following music production tips will help you improve your creative workflow and maximize productivity when producing music.

1. 8 Tips on How to Finish Songs Faster and Not Get Stuck

Finish Songs - Icon Collective Students in Music Studio

Are you feeling stuck and having trouble finishing your songs? Here are some songwriting tips to help you finish songs faster when feeling stuck.

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2. How to Overcome Procrastination in 5 Easy Steps

Overcome Procrastination

ICON Instructor Malachi Mott shares five ways musicians can overcome procrastination and improve productivity in the studio. Learn why you feel the urge to put things off and how to refocus your mind when it happens.

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3. 10 Tips to Be a Better Singer-Songwriter


Do you want to become a better singer-songwriter? This guide offers ten productive tips for aspiring singer-songwriters who write and record vocals.

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4. Optimize Workflow w/ Ableton Live Project Template

ICON graduate James Geary breaks down his Ableton Live Project Template and shares some music production advice to maximize workflow.

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5. Music Production Workflow Tips

Music Production Workflow

This guide offers music production workflow advice that will help you maximize productivity when creating music with Ableton Live.

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6. 5 Easy Ear Training Techniques for Musicians

Ear Training

What is ear training? Learn how practicing ear training at home can make you a better music producer. Sarah Karney offers five ear training exercises to level up your music production skills.

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7. Ableton Live: Multi-Clip Editing

ICON Instructor Jerry “BigJerr” DiPhillippo takes you into Ableton Live 10 and demonstrates how to edit multiple clips from a single view with the new multi-clip editing feature.

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8. Tips to Make Music Sound More Interesting


This guide offers several effective techniques that will make your music sound more expressive and interesting. It also outlines ways to capture your listener’s attention.

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9. How to Learn An Instrument Quickly

Learn An Instrument

ICON Instructor Malachi Mott shares advice and his insight into the art of mastering any instrument. Through personal stories and experiences, Malachi guides you through some essential ways that will help you learn an instrument.

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10. How to Export Audio and Video in Ableton Live

Export Audio

Learn how to export audio in Ableton Live. Get a better understanding of all the render settings for both Arrangement View and Session View.

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