Icon Online: Songwriting Pack 1

Credits: 6 Credit Hours
Course Length: 3 Months
Tuition Total: $2 325.00
(Tuition: $2250.00 + Application Fee: $75.00)

Songwriting I
Examines the core components that make up great songs. Songwriting is examined and demystified as both a career and a process. Instills a greater command of writing lyrics, melodies, and hooks, writing for vocalists, and the collaborative songwriting process.
2 Credit Hours / 18 Clock Hours / Prerequisites: None

Arrangement I
Focuses on the analysis of real world examples in popular music. Develops an understanding of song structure and standard arrangement techniques that form the foundation of compositional studies.
1 Credit Hour / 13 Clock Hours / Prerequisites: None

Studio Mentor I
A weekly online mentoring session with a professional producer. Mentors provide guidance in the production of the student’s original music and monitor the student’s progress in other courses, providing assistance and tutoring where needed. The Studio Mentor courses provide a constant source of support to help ensure academic success.
2 Credit Hours / 16 Clock Hours / Prerequisites: None



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